2014 MPDA scholarship recipients

Lauren - Photo for MPDA

Lauren Timlick

Growing up I always possessed a passion for the outdoors and an innate curiosity about the world around me. These attributes are something I have carried with me into my education and are ultimately part of the reason I have chosen to pursue a career in geology. Academically, I have always excelled in areas that are of great interest to me and having maintained standing on the Dean’s Honour List thus far in my studies, geology seems to be just that. It is my intention to graduate with a Bachelor of Geology (Honours) and the requirements needed for designation as a Professional Geologist in the spring of 2016.

Outside of geology, I am a passionate outdoorswoman and spend a part of every summer doing outdoor education canoe trips for youth in northern Ontario. I am fluent in both national languages with a basic knowledge of German and Spanish and believe strongly in the education power of international experience and the maintenance of cross-cultural relationships.

In the fall of 2014 I will be entering the third year of my degree at the University of Manitoba and have been accepted to spend the second half of the year on exchange to the University of Iceland. There I hope to build lasting relationships as well as have the privilege of studying and experiencing geological phenomena unavailable to me here in Manitoba, thereby expanding my horizons both academically and in the context of my professional future.

This past summer, I worked as a research assistant at the U of M and was given the responsibility of planning and running my own experimental research in addition to my other lab and fieldwork duties. This was an amazing experience for a first year student and has opened many doors for me, including attending and presenting at this summer’s Canadian Geophysical Union conference in Banff. Being a part of a university research team peaked my interest in continuing on to graduate studies after gaining industry work experience upon completing my bachelor’s.

Planned Courses for 2014/2015 fall at the University of Manitoba:
Structure and Metamorphism – Course details the processes of structural and metamorphic geology. Addresses links between deformation and metamorphism, and the uses of pressure-temperature and time paths in the study of metamorphic equilibria.
Sedimentology – The study of depositional environments of sedimentary rocks, including but not limited to facies analysis and modeling of sedimentary deposits.
Introductory Geophysics – A course introducing students to the basics of geophysical exploration, Earth physics, satellite geophysics and remote sensing. Emphasis will be placed on quantitative modeling and the lab portion will include geophysical measurements and handling of data.
Paleontology – Focus of the course is on the study of fossils, both invertebrate and vertebrate, and will include an introduction to paleontologic principles as well as paleobotany.

Winter at the University of Iceland:
Geothermal Energy – Study of geothermal systems and their structures; methodology in geothermal development; well testing and well data integration etc.
Volcanology – Covers volcanic processes, systems, forecasting and mitigation etc.; includes two study fieldtrips to a volcanically active area
Glaciology – Glacial systems, processes, and structures; techniques in climatological studies; includes a comprehensive field project
Magmas in the Crust – Study the origin, generation, and rise of magma as well as its gaseous content and the structures it forms.


Jessica Litke

Bachelor of Science in Geological Science – Honours, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

I am a fourth year student in Honours Geology at the University of Manitoba, keen to take on the challenges of becoming a professional geologist.

In the fall of 2014 I attended an Advanced Studies field course – Geology of the Rocky Mountains, which introduced me to the geology and tectonics of the Rocky Mountains, improved my mapping skills, and helped develop my observational and data recording skills. In addition to attending the trip I am also the student representative and was in charge of contacting sponsors and fundraising to help cover the cost of the course. Following the advanced studies field course I completed the Advanced Field Mapping course, a twelve day field course in eastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario, which further developed my field mapping techniques including independent mapping and interpretation and synthesis in complex geological terrains.

In addition to my core geology courses, I have completed Environmental Geology, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, and Hydrogeology. During the final year of my degree I will be completing Global Tectonics, Mineral Deposits, and Instrumental Techniques in Geology, along with my thesis which I have been working on over the summer with the exploration group at Goldcorp’s Red Lake Gold Mine. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be employed for my second work term at Goldcorp with this very knowledgeable group of people. My experience as a student geologist with Goldcorp has introduced me to many aspects of regional and mine exploration and has greatly developed my skills and knowledge in regards to the profession.

Along with my academic work, over the 2013-2014 school year I had the pleasure of being the social chair of the Society of Earth Sciences and Environmental Students. In this student group I worked with a team to bring the students in the faculty together by planning and promoting events. I am currently the treasurer of the Western Inter-University Geoscience Conference 2015, where I am working with a team to provide a remarkable experience for students from across western Canada attending the conference. I also volunteer at the Department of Geological Sciences booth during Info Days to help future university students gain an understanding of the geological sciences at a critical time in their academic careers.

After graduation my goal is to continue to grow and develop my skills in environmental consulting or the mining industry. I plan on acquiring the experience necessary to obtain my professional status and aim to continue to develop and increase my skills and knowledge. I look forward to having a career that will challenge and test me.