The Manitoba Historical Society

The Manitoba Historical Society (MHS), founded in 1879, is the oldest organization in Western Canada dedicated to preserving our past for future generations. The MHS is a public organization and it is not affiliated with the Government of Manitoba. It is unlike historical societies in many parts of the United States, which are typically affiliated with—and funded by—a state government.

The MHS holds fast to the mandate of our founders, continuing their legacy of preservation, promotion, research, and education. Our award programs recognize the works of Manitoba youth, and the many farms, businesses, and organizations that have operated continuously for 100 years or more. We are advocates for preserving our province’s built heritage. We present field trips throughout our province, host films and lectures, and organize multicultural events where Manitobans can share their rich past.

Over time, the MHS amassed impressive collections of books and artefacts which became the basis of today’s Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg Public Library, and Manitoba Museum.

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