Steve Masson’s answer to the renewal/creation of any park going forward

Below is Steve Masson’s answer to the renewal/creation of any park going forward. I think he say’s it all:

We need this proposal put on top of a geological base, including subsurface Precambrian, as well as detailed aeromagnetic maps and oil strata maps for review before any decision can go forward with a change of category. This is the only way exploration groups can make an informed decision.

This has to be standard with these proposals and such proposals going forward. We need to use all of the science-based knowledge in our tool boxes – not just biology, morphology and species. From this methodological approach as a practice, good (informed) decisions and consensus will occur and greatly reduce future conflict over land use and misappropriation of land use categories.

Perhaps the geological survey branch can help with this.

We have proposals for changes in the land use categories of a portion of Caribou Park at the northern border of Manitoba where there is very high diamond potential. If we are changing categories of land use within parks, it cannot be just a one way street. I look forward to having a review of this park.


Stephen Masson
Manitoba Saskatchewan Prospectors and Developers Association.

And ditto for me
Ken Klyne

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