Christmas Greetings

Christmas season can be a time to reflect and take stock of the year. Many will say times are difficult for exploration and mining in Manitoba, and indeed Canada. But others will recognize our many blessings, and take a more optimistic view. I believe we are endowed with untapped mineral potential, and a government committed to making Manitoba a favourable place to explore and do business. However, they need input from people with exploration experience and knowledge.  

The Central Canada Mineral Exploration Conference (CCMEC) was a resounding success. It was the result of countless hours of planning, phoning and coordination to implement the conference. I know we can’t please all the people all the time, but a big thank you is directed to the CCMEC organizing committee, sponsors and everyone that took part and attended the conference. Attendees exceeded 500 registered delegates.

Manitoba Prospectors can watch with interest the direction and recommendations resulting from the Liaison Committee. Your Executive met with the committee last month, and we were impressed with the process and commitment to identify, prioritize and implement recommendations to government for change for the better. The group has a well-rounded representation from industry, academia, and government. They have demonstrated they are transparent in their efforts and open to input. 

On December 10th, the MPDA Executive has a scheduled meeting with Minister Blaine Pedersen. We plan to discuss such important topics as land tenure, permitting, engagement, and the Community Development fund. Investment certainty is pivotal to secure funding, to prevent the exodus of investment dollars to other jurisdictions.  We are hoping the meeting will be productive for both parties and possibly lead to regular, quarterly meetings. 

Personally, I am honoured and pleased to be serving with such a knowledgeable and committed executive and board. We have plans to upgrade the WEB and make it a more useful source of information for Manitoba prospectors. We plan to bring more speakers to our meetings. We have two representatives on the CCMEC committee, and will strive to bring speakers and information for the benefit of prospectors at next year’s convention.  Any suggestions for keynote speakers are welcome.  

On behalf of the Executive and Board of the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association, I would like to wish you and your family and friends, a Happy and Safe Christmas.

MPDA Executive: Tom Lewis (President); Chris Beaumont-Smith, (Vice President); Julia Singh (Treasurer); and Lori Stewart, (Secretar).

MPDA Directors: Jim Campbell, Hamid Munin, and Jason Combe.