Ensuring northern economic growth and security through resource-related research and innovation

Hello members,

Dr. Paul Alexandre (Professor at Brandon University) asked to have this sent around to the membership and see if there is any interest in participating:

As some of you are already aware, a new research setup is in the process of being launched: The Research Coalition of the North (RCN). Its overall goal is to serve the long-term economic development, job-creation, and wealth generation in northern Manitoba and northern Saskatchewan, through resource-related research. The RCN will help ensure the sustainability of mining and other resource-related industries.

The Research Coalition of the North will first identify the research needs and priorities of northern stakeholders (towns, industry, first-nations, provincial government, academia, and provincial geological surveys) and secondly, develop long-term partnerships and linkages between research-focused institutions, relevant industries, northern and indigenous organizations, and local, provincial and federal institutions. This will produce research that will benefit Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s northern and indigenous communities, and resource-related industries. The RCN will also actively document the resources and opportunities that can be tapped into in the North, and make that known amongst potential research partners.

The Research Coalition of the North will take a holistic approach to research that will integrate societal, economic, environmental, and community related issues, in addition to those specific to resource industries.

Active leadership role will be taken by the Northern Manitoba Mining Academyin Flin Flon, which is uniquely positioned to support a northern research initiative such as the RCN. The NMMA will have an organizational and management role, solicit stakeholder inputs, and apply for funding on behalf of the RCN.

A limited cash contribution will be sought from those organizations interested in participating in the Research Coalition of the North; the amount will depends on what different organization can and want to contribute, and will be kept very low. This will serve as a seed-fund to support logistics such as promotion and administration. The bulk of research funding will be sought from the federal government via the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada.

As a first step, it would be appreciated if you, as a representative of your organization, respond to this e-mail to express your interest in participation in Research Coalition of the North. Ideally, a meeting of potential participants will be organized in the early fall of this year.

(If you are not personally in position to make a decision on behalf of your organization, it would be much appreciated if you could please forward this e-mail to the appropriate person.)

We are looking forward to hearing from you! If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Paul Alexandre, PhD, PGeo

Executive Associate

2 Hart Avenue, Flin Flon, MB, R8A 0G4

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