Content of April 4 meeting

Hello everyone,

Four students from the University of Manitoba are going to recreate their presentation from the Goodman Gold Challenge. Below is a copy and paste from the GGC website. Looks educational and entertaining.


What is the Goodman Gold Challenge

The Goodman Gold Challenge (GGC) is a unique investment mining management competition for undergraduate students. Unlike other competitions, participants will evaluate the investment potential of three gold companies currently trading on the TSX or TSX-V and recommend to their top tier clients, a single company for their portfolio.

The challenge will provide undergraduate students with real-life experience, putting their academic credentials to a vital test. The challenge will offer students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview three gold mining company CEOs about the current and projected financial strength of their company and decide whether they belong on your tier one client list.

The student’s performance could win their team the cash equivalent of four ounces of gold.