Minister’s response to our letter

Dear Mr. Klyne:

On behalf of Honourable Blaine Pedersen, Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade, I would like to thank you for your recent letter regarding the Manitoba-First Nations Mineral Development Protocol, as forwarded on behalf of the members of the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association.

During the election period of the by-election from June 19, 2018 to July 17, 2018, the Minister’s schedule makes it difficult for him to deal with correspondence as quickly as usual and so he has asked me to respond to you on his behalf.

I would like to thank you for your contributions to the efforts of Co-Chairs, Ron Evans and Jim Downey on the Manitoba-First Nations Mineral Development Protocol. I understand that the input provided by industry stakeholders was both compressive and instrumental to the feedback and recommendations generated by the Co-Chairs.

I understand Alisa Ramrattan, A/Director, Mines and Geological Survey, has asked department staff to arrange an in-person meeting to further discuss the Manitoba-First Nations Mineral Development Protocol and receive your input into potential next-steps. Ms. Jo-Ann Lodon will be in contact to arrange a meeting time. In the meantime, Ms. Lodon can be reached by email at or by telephone at 204-945-4823 should you have any questions.

We would very much welcome your continued feedback as the department proceeds with developing an implementation plan for the Manitoba-First Nations Mineral Development Protocol. This initiative is an important step in developing a renewed relationship with Indigenous communities that includes respectful dialogues on decisions affecting their homelands and traditional land-use areas.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns with the Minister.


“Original signed by”

Dave Dyson
Deputy Minister, Growth, Enterprise and Trade

c: Honourable Blaine Pedersen
Alisa Ramrattan
Jo-Anne Lodon