MPDA Minutes November 6, 2019


President: Tom Lewis

Vice-President: Chris Beaumont-Smith

Treasurer: Julia Singh

Secretary: Lori Stewart

Directors:   J. C. Campbell, Humid, Jason LaCombe

Meeting held at Canad Inns, Polo Park.

Meeting Chaired by Tom Lewis. 

Meeting: 12:05 to 1:10 pm

Welcome: Tom Lewis opened the meeting and gave an overview of the agenda.

Secretary Minutes: Lori Stewart read the minutes from the Sept. 4th meeting – approved. 

Treasurer’s Report: Julia Singh gave a Treasurer update.



1. Lori Stewart gave a CCMEC convention update

  • MPDA should have a booth – agreed.
  • Tom Lewis to email sign-up sheet for members to man the booth.
  • Julia Singh to make a poster for the booth.
  • Tom Lewis to provide rock samples for the booth.
  • George Nykuliak suggested a draw for a vest.  Ken Klyne to get a donation from IRL.

2. CRA and MPDA

  • 2018 made money for MPDA mainly from convention. 
  • CRA noticed that there were no tax returns going back several years. 
  • Tom Lewis suggested to invest $7,000 to CCMEC 2019.
  • CBS suggest to distribute money to students.
  • George Nykuliak thought of other opportunities like Women In Mining 
  • CBS suggested a Prospector of the Year Award.
  • Ultimately it was decided to postpone the decision on funds until after the convention. 
  • Andrew Macskimming suggested to ask if CRA contact will reassessment/assessment. 
  • Tom Lewis noted there are gaps in the MPDA books, but good back 10 years. 
  • George Nykuliak mentioned a plan for after 2019 to become new CCMEC board – not finalized.

3. Liaison Committee Update:

  • Met on October 18th at 1pm.
  • Shastri Ramnath’s presentation.
    • Prioritize issues working toward recommendations.
  • Denis Savoie suggested to talk to Dr. Allen Lagimodiere.
    • Working on red tape.
  • Bill Ferreira asked about what issues.
  • Julia Singh did a high level review.
    • 64 issues time vs effort vs ease vs effect
  • Tom Lewis reviewed issues with the MLCME.
    • Stakes claim (Bill), Pending – Timing.
    • Secure land tenure!
  • Gerry Finkle suggest Agriculture supported by ….

4. New Business

  • George Nykuliak and Lyndon from DEL Communications.
    • Mining Review in Print.
    • Will be available for CCMEC.
  • Fraser Institute Survey
  • New Speakers
    • Tom Lewis called for ideas.
    • George Nykuliak suggested CCMEC speakers
    • George Nykuliak suggested University of Manitoba speakers
  • Cliff Duke suggested University College of the North sponsorships for students CCMEC.
  • Canad Inns – Dates for 2020
  • Statures for award – Lottery

Meeting Closed by Tom Lewis at 1:10pm

            1st Bill Ferreira

            2nd by Denis Savoie


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