MPDA Minutes January 8th, 2020

Meeting held at Canad Inns Polo Park. General Meeting Chaired by T. Lewis. 

 General Meeting Minutes: 

  • General Meeting welcomed and opened by T. Lewis at 12:00pm. 

– Reminder to everyone that the February meeting will be on unconventional Thursday, February 6th. 

– Reminder to update the distributed contact list for any errors, omissions, or changes. 

– Reminder to pay yearly MPDA membership dues → Contact J. Singh 

– New: Health and Safety topic: Ice conditions 

– Reminder to submit speaker suggestions 

→ March meeting = Jeff Young update on B.C. Field Trip (MPDA sponsored) 

  • Previous Meeting Minutes – December 4, 2019 L. Stewart 

– Minutes were taken by L. Winter. → Approved by consensus 

– Note to follow up on presentation regarding the Field Trip Sponsorship to U of M. 

  • Treasurer update J. Singh 

– Deposit of Manitoba Mining Review funds $2,518.28 from DEL Communications 

– MPDA account: $23,038.76 

– CCMEC account: $54,504.46 → awaiting completion of reporting from all outstanding invoices and payments. CCMEC expecting a profit ~$25,000 (to be distributed 50% to CCMEC, 25% to Oversight Committee, and 25% to MPDA). 

– MPDA membership drive at CCMEC was very successful. 

– CRA update – evaluation not complete but expected soon. Must complete tax return for 2019. 


1. CCMEC Update Lori Stewart 

• Still completing the final invoicing and payments for 2019. Expect to have a profit for CCMEC ~$25,000. Will be finalizing through remainder of the month. 

2. Minister Pedersen Meeting Update – Dec. 10, 2019 Chris Beaumont-Smith 

• One-hour meeting with Minister Pedersen, Deputy Minister, Special Assistant, and Mines Director. Discussed several issues related to prospectors in Manitoba, amely: 

1. Land tenure issues 

2. Permitting delays 

3. Multi-year work permits 

4. Consultation and engagement – specifically training and creation of documents 

5. $20M Development fund → Established a meeting with Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Chuck Davidson for January 10, 2020 at 9:30AM to discuss. 

– Proposed to minister about having regular meetings (quarterly, etc.). Minister agreed to have meetings when requested and not necessarily on a schedule. 

Discussion on the outcomes of the meeting. 

3. Website Tom Lewis 

• Discussion with DEL communications to have quality content for website, which they benefit from through advertising. 

– To incorporate upcoming meeting agenda, former meeting minutes, profiles on properties, exploration guides, CCMEC photos, etc. 

– Submissions of content should be directed to Tom which will be forwarded to DEL. 


  • GUEST SPEAKER: Bill Hood – Yukon Travelogue 

– The Yukon Territory is presently a very popular mineral exploration jurisdiction. The Yukon government is supportive of mineral exploration with an active geological survey and incentive programs. In fact, a total of 51 prospectors and junior mining companies received grants under the Yukon Mineral Exploration Program to conduct mineral exploration in the Yukon in 2019. 

The author undertook a 13,000 km, six week prospecting trip from late May to early July, 2019, extending from southern BC, through the Yukon, to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Coast of the Northwest Territories. This presentation will show some rocks, roads and scenery along the way, but mostly it will show what it’s like to live in a tent for 45 days on the road with a stinky Labrador retriever dog. 

  • General Meeting closed by T. Lewis at 1:25pm. 
  • NEXT MEETING – Thursday February 6th, 2020