MPDA Minutes March 4th, 2020

Executive Present: Tom Lewis, Jason Combe, James Campbell

Meeting held at Canad Inns Polo Park. General Meeting Chaired by T. Lewis.

Minutes recorded by George Nykulaik.

General Meeting Minutes:

  • General Meeting welcomed and opened by T. Lewis at 12:05pm.
  • Announcement of passing of Steve LeSavage. 

Treasurer update T. Lewis

  • It was noted that the MPDA website is out of date, although updates have been forwarded to DEL.

Previous Meeting Minutes – February 6th, 2020 J. Combe 

  • Presented minutes were read aloud, with 2 amendments approved by membership.

1. Jim Campbell requested the word “dictate” be removed from distributed minutes [the Email sent out with meeting announcement] and on behalf of Hamid he re-read the February motion to assure that the word “dictate” was not in original motion. It was than revealed that there were two versions of minutes – one version with the word “dictate” and one with the word “recommended” which would be on the web site.

2. It was noted that a meeting did take place between the MPDA executive and the Chamber of Commerce – the minutes are to be changed to say discussion did take place.


One member asked if there was a power struggle at the MPDA board level. Tom answered that all discussions are not unanimous, which makes it healthier going forward.

Members approved the process for motion:

1. First being read by a member at meeting; 

2. Then receiving a 2nd approval by member at meeting; and 

3. Then distributed members via email for a vote. 

The results are than shared via email and the next monthly meeting. Members are defined as paid-up members.


1. Safety Tip – Covid19 risk factors T. Lewis

  • Tom mentioned that the Covid19 risk factors could be better managed, citing severity/probability and prevention, and citing exercise and sleep to maintain a healthy immune system.

2. CCMEC Update T. Lewis

  • The discussion then centered on the CCMEC group – division of profits – role of MPDA/Orix going forward. Tom noted there had been one CCMEC meeting and Laura announced that the next CCMEC meeting will be March 9th.  Update to follow at April MPDA meeting.

3. Announcement for NWOPA conference in Thunder Bay T. Lewis

  • Tom mentioned that the Thunder Bay Mining Convention would be April 7 and he was going as he is receiving an award.

4. GUEST SPEAKER: Jeff Young – Geology of the Rocky Mountains

  • Jeff Young was introduced to do a presentation on U of M. The presentation gives an overview of the University of Manitoba student field trip, which was supported by the MPDA.
  • Tom requested a copy of presentation to be posted on the MPDA website.

5. Q & A Membership 

  • Q & A was introduced by members, and that in future Q & A / New Business be a part of every meeting, after minutes read and approved – reading of committee reports and prior to presentations.  
  • A member met with the Chamber of Commerce and shared that 3.4M of the 20M dollars has been allocated to Tourism. There are no funds dedicated to mining and prospecting.  The funds will be used for small business development, job creation and incentives – especially in the North. 
  • The same member asked for an update on the liaison committee: who was represented, what has been discussed, and the next steps. It was pointed out that there were 10 members in the committee from business/academia/industry.  It was suggested by this member that there be a Communications Committee in the MPDA to summarize our activities.  It was noted that Julia, Andrew, and Hamid were on the liaison committee.  
  • The same member spoke positively about 2019 CCMEC, suggested 2 free passes for each booth as it cost $400 to have 2nd person at booth, and to maintain fees for students and retirees.
  • Shaun Gallagher, Assessment Geologist Mines Branch was asked to do a future presentation of Assessment Credit Reports. 
  • One member noted that he spoke with the MLA for Selkirk, who would be interested in meeting our group.  It was noted that we should make an effort to have elected members attend MPDA meeting.  
  • A member introduced having a bursary in the name of deceased members, compliments of the MPDA and on behalf of a deceased member.

Two upcoming events were announced:

– Aboriginal Cultural Awareness March 10th and 17th presented by Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) – website:

– Anthony Mariano – presentation as the Jack Gallagher Visiting Scientist; Thurs. March 26 at 1:00 PM, 223 Wallace Street, Winnipeg.  

Links to events will be set up on MPDA website.

  • General Meeting closed by T. Lewis at 1:45pm.
  • NEXT MEETING – Wednesday April 1st, 2020