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The Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association (MPDA) is an advocacy group focused on improving the state of mineral exploration in Manitoba. The MPDA members include prospectors, exploration companies, scientists, researchers, academics, operators, mining companies, contractors, supply and service companies, civil servants, legal and financial sectors. We represent a wide range of the Manitoba mineral sector and bring diverse backgrounds, experience and ways of thinking to the table.  Our collective objective is to develop productive and efficient ways of working with our industry and community partners, to become one of the most attractive places to invest in the mineral business.

Being a member is a great way to network, learn about key topics affecting the industry, and shape the future of Manitoban mineral exploration and extraction.  Annual membership rates are $20 for individuals, $5 for students and $50 for corporate members.

Student: $5

Individual: $20

Corporate: $50

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