Doug Fogwill receives work permit after 2 years

Long-time MPDA member Doug Fogwill finally received his work permit after 2 YEARS!!! Here is an excerpt from an email he sent to a government official:

It has taken 23 months (approx 2 years) to receive this Permit, from when I applied for the MEL May 26 , 2014. Because it is somewhat late (April) in 2016 It will be very difficult to secure funding and to detail the complex (eg. Airborne Geophysics) work plans for this year. Also, as I outlined in previous emails, due to the extreme delays (vetting through MB Mines and MB Conservation and First Nation consultation) in getting Work Permits and the serious negative image Manitoba now has for high risk mineral exploration investment, compounded with the current major slump in our industry, things look bleak. Sadly, us smaller operators , Prospectors and Junior Companies are being forced out of the business. If there is field work I will inform you of the starting date. Douglas Fogwill, P. Geo.