Next member meeting

Hi folks,

Our two guest speakers from the Winnipeg Foundation, Kirsten Davidson and Carly Demchuk will be giving a talk on the operation and merits of creating a foundation. I believe there are already two foundations in place which will have long-term consequences for our industry: The Lake Winnipeg Foundation and the Unesco World Heritage Site foundation on the east side.

Once the Unesco site is created they will simply keep adding to the size of the park through orders in council until the whole east side is a park. The problems with the big lake is the pollution coming in from the Red and North Saskatchewan rivers. Including zebra mussels and the Genpeg dam that holds the water in the lake like a large soup can that doesn’t allow the lake to clean itself. If we are not vigilant, what happened to the peat moss industry will happen to us all with the drainage basin connected to the big lake.

There will be a membership vote on the yes/no of creating a foundation for the MPDA. As a starter, I would like the new foundation to help the U of M, Brandon U and UCN in The Pas with their geology/prospector programs.

See you at our next meeting on Wednesday, February 7 to vote.